Mary Ellen, Founder

Introducing HALO Life+Light: a revolutionary personal safety and security device.
The inventor, Mary Ellen, was inspired to create HALO after her own personal experience with being mugged while returning home one night. She realized that a motion sensor light directly at the door keyhole may have warned her and the violent criminal as a first step of deterrent, it also allows her anxiety to be eased as she is able to locate the keyhole and quickly and enter her home with ease.

Thus, HALO was born – a sleek, portable light device that combines powerful LED lighting. It's designed for anyone who values their safety and wants peace of mind when going about their edaily activities.

But HALO is more than just a personal safety device – it's an all-in-one solution for your everyday needs. The high-powered LED lights provide up to 300 lumens of brightness, making it a beautiful addition to your space.
Great for travel and easy to use!
The inventor has generously donated countless HALOs to neighborhood watches, senior groups, and police departments in the Chicagoland area. Their positive impact is evident through numerous testimonials and feedback from recipients nationwide. Boost your confidence and daily security with HALO Life+Light. #security #safety #innovation
Mary Ellen is excited that she was able to get a Patent for her product and looks forward to offering more products soon.