Halo Life Light Light Where you need it when you need it

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Long-Lasting Battery

Rechargeable light can last up to months depending on usage.

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Motion Sensor

Stays off during the day and lights up your way at night with bright LEDs

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Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly product, rechargeable

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This portable ring light is great, I bought it for starting my vlog, but it works everywhere in the house and in my purse.

Sarah J.

Halo Life Light is such a versatile light, I need another one for the car, because this one is staying in the house.

Maria Z.

Cool gift idea for my uncle, he always helps me when working on projects, he will love this for his garage or toolbox.


I love this amazing little light on the basement door for my Mom, because it is much harder for her to do laundry and it gives her a nice piece of mind if her hands are full the light comes on automatically and allows her to slowly take her time, it's added safety and eased her (and mine) anxiety.

Grateful Gigi and Beatta